One of life’s little projects which I’d always meant to do, but had not got around to yet. I’ve seen this folding 3 legged stools at re-enactments, and had wanted to try and make one myself.

Whilst at Boomtown, during the time between set-up and festival, I found a recently felled branch, and trimmed it using my side-axe, and with them held carefully I drilled the holes for the pivots. I made use of coachbolts at the time, but I have a more elegant solution in mind which is being worked on.

I then cut a piece of 3mm veg-tanned hide as the seat base, and some smaller triangles for leg’s corner inserts. I marked out a design based upon the Wandsworth Shield, and tooled the edges around it. I particularly like the green stain, and so I chose to use it on this seat, it is also a colour that burnishes well so it will look good with age.

The leg inserts were then riveted and sewn onto place, and when tested all was good; the legs fitted in, the stool balanced, and when I sat on it all was well. Quite a handy camping height really, and perfect for our barbeque.