I forged this side axe under the eye of Garrick in Nailsworth, and shaped the laminated handle to fit my hand. Since it holds a lovely edge, I have been meaning to make a sheath to protect it when not being used.

I settled on a design that holds the blade, and is fastened by two pop-studs. I used the Pictish boar stamp on the larger of the two straps, and I placed a small Mjolnir on the cover of the side-axe, in memory of the great big hammer I used for 5 days to forge this side axe.

I settled on a red/purple mix because of the purple-heartwood in the handle, and which I knew would create a nice depth and texture to the finish, then coated it with leather finish; once the rivets were in place a quick test showed it fitted well. The colour looks quite different in daylight to how it looks indoors.

The side axe is everything you would expect from top quality steel that has been hand forged and is a pleasure to use.