This three legged folding stool was made for someone who wanted a stool which they could use to sit upon, but also one that they could rest their bronze replica trumpet on, and so two sets of legs were made. Although the three legged stool is not an old design, it looks as if it ought to be, and an old-world feel was required.

Once the design for the leather seat was settled on, it was hand tooled in 3mm veg-tanned leather. The inserts for the stool legs were double-stitched in recessed channels with linen thread and riveted (with copper rivets).

The legs were made from Hazel, which needed trimming in places to allow the legs to fold together, and then riveted with 12mm copper rod. The legs intended to bear a person’s weight also had a leather strap around the base.

A carry strap was also made, with enough adjustment to carry either one or both sets of legs.

It is now with it’s happy owner in Scotland.