This very lovely and quite different scabbard is now finished, ready for a new life in pixieland. It is not intended to be a suggestion of how a Bronze Age Ewart Park sword would have been carried, instead it has been designed for a museum event where it was essential that the sword could be seen and still be safe.


All constructed from 3mm veg-tanned leather, hand tooled in traditional techniques (no cutting of the leather) and stained in two shades of green. All stitching has been recessed to prevent wear and tear, and double capped rivets used for both strength and to add extra shine.


Calfskin has been used to keep the bronze sword away from the tannin rich leather, held in place with both glue and stitching.

The buckle and belt loop are in brass, and held in place with stud fasteners so that a different buckle can be used if desired.