This Ewart Park sword is from Bronze Age Swords, made by Neil Burridge, and it is the real deal – as can be seen in tests by Thrand Godfrey it is a formidable weapon. However, it needs some means with which it can be carried around.

The construction of the scabbard has been based upon archaeological evidence using materials available today; they were lined with wild ox skin with the hair left attached (I have used calfskin), the wooden core was made from Hazel which I have also used, and the outer was made from a single piece of leather glued around the Hazel core; I have used 1mm veg-tanned cowhide. The construction process can be seen on our Facebook pages.

The design on the leather was worked out with Bronze Age Swords, and a circular punch was made for the task, and placement was carefully worked out for the suspension loop to sit without obscuring any detail. It was then stained a dark brown to match the Bog Oak hilt.

Particular effort was made to make this scabbard as slender as possible, as can be seen in the picture with the blade placed on top of the scabbard, and it is a joy to hold. The scabbard (and sword) is now with Bronze Age Swords.