Hnefatafl is an old game, said to have been played by the Norse Gods from the beginning of time. There is evidence of the game existing in Scandinavia in the 7th and 8th century, however it is believed to be much older than this.


Knowing that in Viking and Saxon times belt pouches were used to carry coins, important possessions and games, this belt pouch is an imagined item for occupying time with friends and playing a game or two of Hnefatafl. The pouch is secured to a belt by means of the loops, with a leather playing board, games-pieces and a set of rules snuggly held inside. That way you always have the game with you ready to play.


The pouch has been made from veg-tanned leather and handtooled, and a Hazel toggle secures the flap in place.


There are many variants on this game, this version is played on an 11 by 11 square board, and the rules are taken from the Fetlar tournament played in the Shetlands.