This Karambit Colt Knife comes in a small plastic sheath which expands slightly to retain the knife, however it doesn’t come with a pouch. The owner of this knife wanted a pouch to be made so that it could be worn on a belt.

The belt loops are designed to allow the knife to fit comfortably in the pouch when on a belt, and doesn’t stay rigid when you bend down, so you don’t notice you are wearing it. The veg-tanned leather will soften with time, and all the stitches were recessed to prevent wear; a snap-stud fastener was used to allow easy access.

Black was chosen for the finish, with green linen thread for a little contrast, and the plastic sheath which holds the knife was fixed into place using copper saddler’s rivets. Because these traditional rivets need the heads rounding off I was able to ensure the sheath was held securely in the pouch whilst also allowing the plastic sheath to expand as the knife slides in.

After a little bit of sharpening, the knife has now been returned to its happy owner.