This large belt pouch was made in thin veg-tanned hide for a reenactor, and the bird panel motifs were designed with him in mind as he has a fondness for pigeons. It measures approx. 9” wide, and also had a belt strap included.

The bird motifs were hand tooled, and whilst similar motifs can be seen elsewhere, these were drawn to fit rather than be copied. Belt loops were sewn in place, as was the toggle loop, and hand stitching used throughout. The colour was very specific and had to be mixed to produce a deep ox-blood red, and finished with waterproof / sealant to help preserve it.

The toggle is yew, and shaped to echo the meeting point of the heart and sapwood, and secured in place with plaited Viking-period reproduction linen threads.

We have also taken the bold step of showing the back of this piece of work to show both the techniques and standard to which we work.