This scabbard has been made for a Limehouse Bronze Age Sword, and has been constructed using known techniques in the UK for the Bronze Age.


An inner core was shaped in Hazel, which was then lined with calfskin with the hair still in place; this protects the sword from being scratched by the Hazel core or reacting to any tannin present in the wood (in the Bronze Age it is believed that Auroch hide was used). The outer of the wooden core was shaped to follow the sword, and is only 3mm thick. This was then wrapped in a single piece of 1mm thick veg-tanned leather which was glued in place.


We don’t have any evidence for decoration of the outer leather in the UK, however there are many European wooden scabbards which have been carved with designs. In consultation with the owner a design was settled on which carries elements of these wooden scabbards, and then carefully hand tooled into the leather using basic punches. Once complete, the entire scabbard was stained to match the Oak handle as closely as possible.


A suspension loop was also made for display purposes, using the Mycenos vase illustrations as a guide.


Sword made by Neil Burridge at Bronze Age Swords.