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At WoolleyMama Leather we enjoy working with natural materials and using traditional techniques, whilst incorporating a modern twist in the styles and colours that we use.


Leather is a beautiful material, and with care and attention and a minor repair or two it can last longer than you can. We use both Veg-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather as both have good properties and suit different applications.


We like to specialise on unique pieces of work which will stand the test of time and bring pleasure; a custom piece of work to suit your requirements and needs. Our galleries include pictures of projects made for re-enactors, collectors, daily items such as bags and belts, and imaginative play items for children.




If you require a personalised bag, reproduction scabbards or bags, quivers, toolroll or panniers for vintage or custom bikes, pouches for tools, sheaths for knives or any other unique and one-off item then please get in touch to discuss your project and we will work to a high standard of detail to help finish it off.

We also offer workshops so that you can learn the skills needed to create your own leatherwork, and we attend various events as well, so also take a look at our Facebook page for information.

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1 day 20 hours ago

Made as close as possible to a scabbard to hold a 9th C Anglo Saxon sword (Gilling Sword replica), this has been a huge learning experience. By 9th century, Saxon scabbards were far less elaborate than earlier known examples, so i have made this to a simple but high standard.

The wooden core has been made from European Poplar and lined with goatskin, and cordwork applied to the core before the 1mm veg-tanned leather was sewn in place.

The buckle has been handmade in silver, copied from a 9th C Anglo Saxon buckle, as has the belt tongue. The owner now has this safe and sound at home, and intends to have a replica of the Gilling sword made by a swordsmith which will be far more at home in a scabbard of this quality.

I've also included some pictures of the construction process for those who are intrigued by such things.


4 days 1 hour ago

When asked if I could make a belt for someone I agreed, naturally, they then said they wanted the belt to have Griffins all the way around.

I was fresh out of interlocking Griffin stamps, so the entire belt was handtooled into 3mm veg tanned leather, and it has been stained a dark mahogany colour, which my camera has struggled to cope with so you'll have to take my word for it.

As with all belts I make, the buckle is held in place using sturdy stud-fasteners, which allows you to get dubbin rubbed in and also means that you can change the buckle.

It's now wrapped around the waist of one happy person.


1 week 4 days ago

I forger this knife years ago (with Dave Budd), and I began to make a sheath for it not long after - only I never liked it and so it wasn't constructed right or finished. So I finally did something about it.

I made use of some 2mm veg-tanned scrap which had been used in a failed project, so I knew it wouldn't take the stain fully, but it seemed better to use it for myself than chuck it.

All turned out well though, and I've now got something I made to keep my knife in.

Better pictures to follow!

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