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At WoolleyMama Leather we enjoy working with natural materials and using traditional techniques, whilst incorporating a modern twist in the styles and colours that we use.


Leather is a beautiful material, and with care and attention and a minor repair or two it can last longer than you can. We use both Veg-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather as both have good properties and suit different applications.


We like to specialise on unique pieces of work which will stand the test of time and bring pleasure; a custom piece of work to suit your requirements and needs. Our galleries include pictures of projects made for re-enactors, collectors, daily items such as bags and belts, and imaginative play items for children.




If you require a personalised bag, reproduction scabbards or bags, quivers, toolroll or panniers for vintage or custom bikes, pouches for tools, sheaths for knives or any other unique and one-off item then please get in touch to discuss your project and we will work to a high standard of detail to help finish it off.

We also offer workshops so that you can learn the skills needed to create your own leatherwork, and we attend various events as well, so also take a look at our Facebook page for information.

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1 week 3 days ago

Perang Sheath

This sheath was requested by a friend who also happens to my boys woodwork teacher at school, and who wanted something slightly different. Due to the shape of the blade there needs to be an opening so it can be pulled out, usually this is done by leaving the sheath open along the spine of the blade and secured by straps.

Made from 3mm veg-tanned leather, wet formed around the blade and handle, and given some light tooling. It has been lined with goat-skin, but this has more to do with me having some lying around rather than any practical consideration. Held closed with toggles made from purple heartwood in preference to stud fasteners.

I also sharpened the blade, as a blunt tool bugs me - I had a word with him about that (in an nice way) given his job and all.


3 weeks 7 hours ago

Working on other projects which can't be mentioned yet, but rather handily this Ewart Park from Bronze Age swords arrived the other day and in need of an outer garment.

So far the Hazel has been split, recess for the sword ha been shaped, the outside worked on and the mouthpiece cut; then a bit of further fettling until happy. The calfskin liner has just been cut.

This will be carried on a baldric, buttons to be cast by Nik at Shamanic Bronze if it ever stops raining.


4 weeks 1 day ago

A lovely Ewart Park was bestowed upon me by the Postie, work to begin next week on a scabbard for it

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