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At WoolleyMama Leather we enjoy working with natural materials and using traditional techniques, whilst incorporating a modern twist in the styles and colours that we use.


Leather is a beautiful material, and with care and attention and a minor repair or two it can last longer than you can. We use both Veg-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather as both have good properties and suit different applications.


We like to specialise on unique pieces of work which will stand the test of time and bring pleasure; a custom piece of work to suit your requirements and needs. Our galleries include pictures of projects made for re-enactors, collectors, daily items such as bags and belts, and imaginative play items for children.




If you require a personalised bag, reproduction scabbards or bags, quivers, toolroll or panniers for vintage or custom bikes, pouches for tools, sheaths for knives or any other unique and one-off item then please get in touch to discuss your project and we will work to a high standard of detail to help finish it off.

We also offer workshops so that you can learn the skills needed to create your own leatherwork, and we attend various events as well, so also take a look at our Facebook page for information.

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Viking scabbard


2 months 2 weeks ago

This scabbard has not been made to a particular period of time, and has been loosely based on a late 12th C scabbard from Viking Dublin, in particular on the cordwork. The silver Buckle has been based on an 11th C find from Suffolk (original in bronze), the silver distributor loop has been based on a 10th C loop in the National Museum Liverpool (original in copper). The sword has been made by the owner at a workshop with Owen Bush.

The owner opted for an Ash core, shaped to fit the sword and then lined with goatskin. A bridge was made from Ash (the scabbard I based the cordwork on has no slit-marks for a bridge), and the cordwork design was glued to the wooden core.

The dampened leather was then sewn on and pressed into the recesses created by the cordwork. The buckle, strap-end and distributor loop were made in sterling silver by Nik at Shamanic Bronze, and given a mighty polishing by myself. The owner intends to do some engraving on the silver work at a later date himself.

The final strap will be sewn in to the distributor loop when the owner collects the scabbard and sword and get the sword to hang right.


2 months 4 weeks ago

Sometimes lovely things happen and it's nice to share!

here is a baby Wilburton and Ewart Park (on Hazel) , a St Erths (on Ash) and the Carnoustie (on Popolar). Two are mine, and two are just visiting for a short while, but it has been a pleasure to get to know them. Just look and enjoy!!

Carnoustie scabbard


3 months 2 weeks ago

Working on a scabbard for the recently unearthed Carnoustie sword, however the scabbard is based more on the Pyotdykes find than the remnants of the Carnoustie scabbard - but one shall be made soon based on their evidence.

Present intention is to leave this scabbard undecorated, since there is nothing to prove that they were decorated, so i have put a lot of work into keeping the seam tidy and enhancing the shape of the core on the leather.

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