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WoolleyMama Leather offer a range of workshops to assist you in developing skills or making a finished project.

Viking Coin Pouch workshop at Butser Ancient Farm

I am running a day’s workshop at Butser Ancient Farm to make your own Viking Coin Pouch on 14th July 2018. Bookings are being taken through their website, but please get in touch with any questions that you may have.

Through the course of the day you will be working with leather to create your own design and to fit an internal pouch to carry precious items. It will be held closed by a wooden toggle, and doesn’t require any technical skills or sewing, I will guide you through the whole process so that you leave with a completed pouch.

Introduction to Traditional Leatherwork

An Introduction to Traditional Leatherwork course can take a full day, and is aimed at teaching you the techniques and skills so that you can then work on projects yourself, and would focus on design and types of leather, stitching, tooling / embossing, wet-forming, stains and dyes and finishings / preservatives. This isn’t aimed at giving you a finished product, but rather to enable you to then have confidence in going on to do your own leatherwork.


Belts Bags and Bits

The Belts Bags and Bits course can take between a half day to full day, and is intended to help you make a finished product home with you. We would have some discussion on what you hoped to make in advance to ensure the day meets your expectations, and then focus solely on the skills and techniques to make that item during the day. Please be aware that some larger items will take more materials and may require a second day.

Children’s Workshop

The Children’s Workshop is very basic and takes a half day or less, and we offer this at events we attend, but it would suit a party as well. They can make a wristband in veg-tanned leather, and tool in their design – these tend to get very worked on, as children love to hammer away. Depending on age and dexterity they can also assist in fixing on the pop-stud fastener at the end.


Focused Design workshop

The Focused Design workshop is intended for those who have a very specific idea in mind, and may be wanting the leatherwork to form part of something you are working on; for example a knife that you have hand-forged and which requires a sheath; a saex that you want to make a traditional sheath for, or re-enactment items that need specific design and tooling techniques. This can also include making handles or toggles from wood or horn. This would be one on one time, and as well as finishing off your project would enable you to have the skill to work on others.


All workshops are flexible in time, approach and scale; some are quicker than others. They can be run on weekdays or weekends, and it is also possible to bring the workshop to you. Please get in touch with your thoughts and needs.

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