This scabbard has been made for a hand forged reproduction Suontaka sword (Finland 11th Century). The sword has been made to a high standard, and the owner required a plain scabbard to an equally high standard.

 Thin veg-tanned leather was shaped over a wooden core, lined with very thin leather, and since a cast chape was being used I decided that rather than simply have the leather butt against them it would be better to present a ‘shoulder’ instead. Small grooves were cut across the wooden core so that the ends of the leather could be fitted in. The end result is very pleasing.

This was then hand stitched up the back, with great care taken to keep a neat and straight line, and a picture of the back can be seen. Although the mouth of the scabbard would be covered with a chape, the core is still exposed, and so a piece of leather has been shaped and glued into place. It was then given several coats of dark brown stain to produce a deep and lustrous finish.

A slider (to retain the suspension strap) was made in purple heartwood. Although this is far from a traditional material, it takes a high level of polish and adds some extra colour. The loops to secure this in place were cut from 3mm veg tanned hide, chamfered and stitched and finished in the same dark brown and seat in grooves cut into the slider.

Suffice to say it represents many hours of work, and that the owner was exceptionally pleased with the finished result.